About Us

NeoKine Laboratories is a pioneering biotechnology company established to advance innovative frontiers in new-age medical therapies. The focus of our endeavor is to harness the natural healing powers of the human body, and use that to enhance healing, regeneration and provide pain relief.

Our primary technology, Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAFTM) is a medical breakthrough process that involves deriving beneficial biological factors naturally from the patient's own blood. By using our proprietary EnPLAFTM technology, we have been able to improve healing, regeneration and provide pain relief without chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind.

Our medical research and development team came together through their common study of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which had been used as an agent of acceleration for healing and cell growth. In developing ways to provide pain relief, accelerated healing and regeneration benefits, but without all the drawbacks associated with PRP Advantages of ENPLAFTM, our scientists developed a new technology to harness the active "Enriched Platelet Factors" contained in blood. Through EnPLAFTM, we are able to provide safe, convenient, highly efficacious, and cost-effective therapy options. It works. And it's safe.

We invite you to explore our website and see for yourself the wide array of therapy applications EnPLAFTM provides. You can find out how you can harness "The Power of Yourself" for accelerated regeneration, faster healing and quicker, effective recovery-all naturally without any chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind.