EnPLAFTM is better than PRP for sexual health

Recently, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used to treat sexual health issues. However, PRP injections are very painful. Preparation process and the PRP product itself is quite variable from company to company. And there are limitations to storage due to the fact that PRP starts losing activity within hours of it being prepared.

NeoKine Laboratories' EnPLAFTM therapy combines cutting-edge regenerative processes with all the benefits of PRP without all of its drawbacks (Advantages of ENPLAFTM). Our EnPLAFTM products, in contrast to PRP, already contains activated concentrated bioactive factors; therefore it doesn't require extrinsic activation. EnPLAFTM can be stored for long periods of time without losing potency and thus can be administered when most convenient for the patient and doctor. Because EnPLAFTM does not contain any live cells, even if EnPLAFTM is left standing for very long it will not coagulate either before or after injection. Most importantly, EnPLAFTM injections are completely painless. The purpose of EnPLAFTM is to enhance sexual health. And it does all without chemicals, drugs or genetic enhancements of any kind. EnPLAFTM is safe and more effective than any conventional treatments currently available.