Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAFTM)

EnPLAFTM is a technology to derive beneficial biological factors from patient's own blood platelets. EnPLAFTM products are rich in growth factors but do not contain any live cells. Our innovative EnPLAFTM technology is able to harvest and utilize the regenerative power of beneficial biological factors (proteins) secreted by a patient's own blood cells. When used as directed, EnPLAFTM products stimulate faster healing and regeneration as well as reduce pain, and inflammation.

Since EnPLAFTM is derived from the patient's own blood, there is no risk of having an allergic reaction from EnPLAFTM administration. This cutting-edge technology is a result of several years of research and development by our scientific team. EnPLAFTM is the spearhead of the future of medical advancement we've all been waiting for.

The cells in our body perform a variety of functions mostly in conjunction with other cells of the body. Our cells are capable of effectively communicating with one another through molecules called as growth factors and cytokines. These molecules are biologically active factors that the cells use to communicate with each other either by directly releasing it on each other or into the blood stream (autocrine, paracrine or endocrine). Therefore, these biologically active factors are essentially messengers that direct and help the cells do their required functions. These factors in fact pretty much define what the target cells should do. Their commands could lead the cells to grow, multiply and produce new cells, or even produce cell death if that cell is old and unwanted (something called as 'programmed cell death' or 'apoptosis').

NeoKine has developed the method of deriving beneficial biological factors (EnPLAFTM) directly from patient's blood. During natural healing of an injury (acute or chronic) it is possible that beneficial factors are not always available in required numbers at the injured site, whereby healing is either delayed, or it never occurs. By delivering EnPLAFTM to the affected area we can help to augment the natural healing process which then stimulates faster healing and regeneration as well as reduce pain, and inflammation.

With advancing science a lot is now known about the structure and mechanism of action of these beneficial biological factors. In the below video, you will find a short description about these factors.

Enriched Platelet Factors