EnPLAFTM for Podiatry and Wound Healing

EnPLAFTM based therapies can be effectively used for several podiatry problems including ankle pain, bunion, foot pain, bone spur heel spurs, and flat feet among others. EnPLAFTM is highly effective therapy for foot and diabetic ulcers, and for wound healing. It merges cutting edge technology with the body's innate ability to heal itself, naturally accelerating the stages of wound healing and therefore aides in faster healing of acute injuries and chronic conditions. When used along-with corrective surgical procedures, EnPLAFTM therapies shorten the time to recovery significantly, getting you back on your feet sooner. Our therapies allow for faster healing, reduced risk, and a more prompt return to normal activities.

Convenient, safe, cost-effective and highly efficacious therapy options for podiatry problems as well as wound healing that can stimulate faster healing and regeneration as well as reduce pain, and inflammation are needed. EnPLAFTM is the solution because it addresses several aspects of the healing process including inflammation, cell proliferation and regeneration.

Our feet are the base on which we stand; they balance us, propel us forward and help us do our everyday activities. Anyone who has ever had a foot injury knows how vital good foot health can be to living a normal life. So the faster one can heal their sore feet from trauma, non-healing wounds and other podiatry issues, the better off life can be.