Why EnPLAF is better than PRP

Science behind EnPLAFTM

EnPLAFTM technology harnesses the regenerative power of beneficial biological factors secreted by activated platelets, making EnPLAFTM products completely non-cellular.

Evidence from scientific research shows that stem cells of all kinds (including blood platelets, adipose stem cells, bone marrow stem cells etc.) require the growth factors secreted by these cells to induce healing and regeneration. This is called paracrine action of stem cells where they release these beneficial growth factors at site of injury. The cells themselves do not survive in this external environment but it is these growth factors and cytokines that help healing and regeneration. In fact, scientists have been trying very hard to develop technologies to derive such growth factors from cells.

We have perfected this technology through years of research to develop our EnPLAFTM platform. We are now using this technology platform to launch several wound healing and regenerative medicine products that will be a giant step towards the future of personalized medicine.

The beneficial biological factors secreted by Platelets known to be important in healing, regeneration and pain reduction are:

  • Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)
    Cell growth, Collagen production, new generation and repair of blood vessels
  • Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF)
    Growth and new generation of vascular endothelial cells
  • Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF)
    Tissue repair, Cell growth, Collagen production
  • Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
    Epithelial cell growth, promotion of wound healing, angiogenesis
  • Transforming Growth Factor beta1 (TGF-B)
    Growth of epithelial cells, endothelial cells, promotion of wound healing
  • Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF)
    Growth and new generation of keratinocytes

The difference between Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAFTM ) and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma with high levels of platelets - basically a concentrated source of autologous platelets (platelets obtained from the same individual to which it is administered). PRP has been used broadly in several areas of medicine and aesthetics to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and initiate healing. The degranulation of platelets in an injury releases the biological factors into the local environment giving the beneficial effect.

However, injection of live platelets present in PRP has several drawbacks:

  • PRP injections are painful
  • PRP cannot be stored without losing activity and potency. It has no shelf life and therefore must be administered almost immediately upon derivation
  • The process of deriving PRP does not have a standardized protocol; it varies from company to company. Therefore the quality and quantity of platelets and thus its biological effects are always variable in currently available PRP

EnPLAFTM on the other hand is a technology to derive beneficial biological factors from patient's own blood platelets. Our EnPLAFTM products are rich in growth factors but do not contain any live cells.

EnPLAFTM does overcome most of the problems associated with PRP:

  • EnPLAFTM does not have live platelets, so it is not painful
  • It has an excellent shelf life because it has no live cells, just biological factors (proteins)
  • It can be stored for long without losing activity
  • It can be refrigerated or even frozen for future use
  • It retains activity after freeze-thaw, and thus has much better shelf life
  • It has higher concentration of factors
  • EnPLAFTM derivation has a standardized protocol for extraction - harvesting a fixed amount of product in each run. Total control. Total reliability

Major differences between PRP and EnPLAFTM are highlighted in the table below:

Blood Plasma with Platelets No Platelets, only Platelet Factors
May contain other blood cells (WBC, RBC) No cells
Variable protocol for PRP derivation from company to company Standardized protocol
Painful Injection Painless Injection
Cellular based. Cannot be stored for future use. No cells. Easily stored for future use
Loses activity when stored Retains activity with proper storage
Lower concentration of growth factors Higher concentration of growth factors

Advantages of EnPLAFTM over conventional therapies and PRP

  • Highly Efficacious - Higher concentration of beneficial biological factors from patient's own blood for faster healing and tissue regeneration
  • Autologous - Derived from patient's own blood, therefore no allergies possible
  • Storage stable - Can be stored for future use without losing potency
  • Convenient - In a single visit to the doctor we can derive multiple EnPLAFTM injections which can be given over time for therapy

General protocol for EnPLAFTM administration

Below is the general protocol on how EnPLAFTM is derived from the patient.

Additional details for use of specific EnPLAFTM products in different medical, aesthetic and dental indications is discussed under the 'Conditions treated' section of this website.

  • Initial assessment is done by the doctor, aesthetician, podiatrist or dentist (depending on the condition to be treated).
  • A small amount of blood is drawn at the doctor's office by well trained staff.
  • EnPLAFTM will be derived from the patient's blood using our proprietary technique in a state-of-the-art laboratory as the patient waits at the doctor's office for about 2 hours. EnPLAFTM is administered by the doctor the same day.
  • Alternatively the patient can give their blood at their convenience and come back for the EnPLAFTM administration at a later appointment with the doctor. This is a major advantage over PRP since EnPLAFTM can be stored for long without losing activity. Even if the patient misses their appointment, their EnPLAFTM remains viable for later administration.
  • Additionally from a single blood draw, NeoKine can prepare multiple EnPLAFTM injections (as indicated by the doctor depending on your condition) and then store them for future use. The additional EnPLAFTM injections will be properly labeled and stored in appropriate conditions by our staff until the patient is ready for injection.
  • A patient may need one or more EnPLAFTM administrations depending on your condition. We do offer packages for multiple EnPLAFTM injections to be given over weeks, but for most packages you will have to give your blood only once.
  • The EnPLAFTM is administered by the doctor.

Various uses of EnPLAFTM

Enriched Platelet Factors (EnPLAFTM ) is a vastly promising biologic tool in healing and regenerative medicine. Because of its inherent advantages over PRP, EnPLAFTM can be used for a broader number of conditions that already use PRP as a therapy option. These conditions range from orthopedics, podiatry, aesthetics, wound healing, sports medicine, sexual health, dentistry, urology and many more.

We have described in detail individual conditions that can potentially benefit from EnPLAFTM administration in 'Conditions Treated' section of the website.

Enriched Platelet Factors